Funkey Munkey Lite – Windows Phone 7

Waiting for another game?
its finally here, well it is also a lite version, i was playing with codes and accidently this game is developed.
Hope u remember the Nintendo and SEGA monkey game, well its the same one, but ported to WP7,
The development time was 8 Hours at MIC.
looking forward to release its pro version very soon.

Funkey Munkey is a game about a tribe of monkeys who are hungry for some long time, and now they are ready to collect anything that would look like eatable material.

You job is to control your monkey and let him collect as much banana’s and coconuts’ as he can, before his tribe dies of hunger.

Beware of bombs that are falling from the sky, they will make your food poisonous and your monkey can die sooner.

This is the “LITE” version of this game, its full version contains multiple level with multiplayer support, so that you and your friends can play together to collect food for their monkey tribes through one resource center.

Game Features
• Two Different Levels.
• Multiple Collectable items.
[Download From Marketplace]







About Muhammad Umer

I love to work on emerging technologies, i am currently associated with Microsoft as Technology Consultant.

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